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Our Online Store is Open!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

ICA now has a store on Bonfire:

Through our merchandise, we hope to bring awareness to the plight of GUAOA Orphans located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

All the art you see on our products were created by children of the GUAOA orphanage. Therefore, by you purchasing any of these items, you’re letting them know that you see them, you support them and that we’re all here for them.

Check out our “We For Them” Store on Bonfire and purchase merchandise to support our mission!!

Prince has been at GUAOA Orphanage for over 10 years and has been sponsored since 2017 - he's now in 7th grade. Prince was born to a single teen mother who after giving birth, abandoned him in a public bathroom then fled to a neighboring country and she hasn't been seen since. Prince was saved by a man who heard him crying when he was walking by and was dropped off at the orphanage. Prince is grateful to have an Educational Sponsor support his education ensuring he advances to a better future.

Join us in giving the children we support a Hand Up (not a Hand Out)!

By purchasing our merchandise, you are not only supporting our cause but also supporting underprivileged children’s artwork!

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