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Livelihood Provision

The children we help reside at an orphanage with great needs. Because of the ongoing civil unrest in the Kivu region and the ripple effects of war, it has proven extremely difficult for the orphanage to receive donations from local citizens and businesses. This has resulted in poor living conditions over the years; the children often have only one meal a day, and, out of 165 orphans that GUAOA houses, 33% of them attend school. These children lack important medical attention when needed, have 2 outfits each at most, and sleep several to a mattress.

At International Child Advancement, we do not take lightly the sacrifice our donors make when they provide a contribution. It is a priority for us to provide information on how your donations are being put to work. Below are images to show you what has been accomplished thus far.

Below are items that we've bought to support our children due to the generous donations from our sponsors. Please donate today to help provide these children with these necessities! 

Food Donations

Donations toward food expenses allowed the orphanage to purchase rice, beans, and oil to make meals for the children.

Medical Care

Many children at GUAOA Orphanage have been affected by malaria and yellow fever.  Donations help to provide medical supplies to treat these illnesses.

School Supplies

Children at the GUAOA Orphanage are given school supplies thanks to the generous donations from our donors!
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