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Our Mission: 

International Child Advancement is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower orphans and underprivileged children to become self-sufficient through education, vocational training and mentoring.


Our Values: 

We lean on biblical principles for the ability to do all we can do with strength and creativity, to help the children we serve and collaborate effectively with our donors, our partners and our volunteers.


  • Advanced Opportunity: We believe disadvantaged children should be given opportunities that cater to their immediate educational needs and learning prospects

  • Teamwork Shepherding: We cover each other’s participation alongside our partners, our volunteers, our friends and families

  • Excellent Ambassadorship: We are present in public and private spheres of influence to find additional ways to support those we are called to serve

  • Fostering Sustainability: We believe in programs that generate more ideas for a better and more productive life


Our Vision

•We are a small organization holistically supporting the needs (educational, nutritional, housing and vocational) of orphans in the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

•We equip refugee and underprivileged children in Buffalo, NY with school supplies, ensuring they have the tools necessary to succeed and alleviating their families of the additional financial burden. 

•We foster the enrichment of a support network for orphans and underprivileged children who often lack adult role models in their lives through our mentorship program.

•We are entirely driven by a small group of passionate volunteers in Western New York, led by our Founder who is of Congolese descent.

Our Mission

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