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Join the Fight Against Child Hunger!

Ripple effects of the Ukraine/Russian war are being felt across the world, negatively impacting the ease of commerce, trade, food security and so much more. We have seen prices for food drastically increase impacting the nutrition we can provide to the orphans at GUAOA Orphanage in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

We ask for your help in donating towards the purchase of a rural plot of land so the children can grow fruits and vegetables for their consumption. This land will also be leveraged for our Agriculture Vocational Training program to help the children learn how to grow crop, giving them knowledge and skills that can be used in future employment opportunities. Long term, our goal is to sell surplus crop to create revenue for the children's needs and to re-invest into the program.

We're only $580 short of our $7,500! Help us Bridge the gap by donating here:

Thanks for your support!

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