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Building Renovations Update

Last year, we announced the purchase of a building in Goma, DRC thanks to proceeds from our 2021 Empowered Fashion Show Fundraiser (click here to read more). The multi-purpose building will be used to expand our sewing, computer literacy and agriculture vocational training programs and to house 30 underprivileged children!

We’re excited to share with you progress made thus far on the renovations! A new gate has been installed, 4 rooms were demolished in order to be rebuilt to code, and work has begun on converting one of the former rooms into an office space.

There is yet much to be completed, including installing doors, windows and a roof after all the rooms are in place but the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war have caused an increased in building material prices which has delayed this project.

We ask for your continued prayers and support as the orphanage continues to oversee this very important effort.

If you would like to make a contribution towards the remodeling efforts, please click here: Donate.

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