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Vocational Training

Sewing Program

There are currently fifteen children enrolled in our vocational sewing program that was launched in 2017. Some of their work was highlighted during our Empowered Fashion Show held in April. Click here to see photos of the event!

Each child was asked what they want to accomplish in the future and the impact that they would like to make on the world. Their responses are below.

Arielle Muyuwana, 15 years old

"I am in the Sewing Program to gain some skills so that I can start my own business. With money I make from the business, I will help my country and provide food for orphans."

Chanceline Bahati, 15 years old

"I will keep sewing and making clothes forever. I have no money to get me started with a business but at least through the program I am gaining some experience and will continue to improve. I would greatly appreciate help from those that are able so that I can open a big tailor shop where I can have modern clothes and material. In my shop, I will also train other orphans that live in the Democratic Republic of Congo but more specifically live in North Kivu. That is how I will help my country."

Rachaelle Bitumba, 19 years old

"I would like to continue using sewing as my career to support myself and future children whenever I get married and have a husband because I'm already 19 and I'm also going to work hard so I can start saving so that one day I too can open my own tailor shop to make money and help the children at GUAOA Orphanage by the grace of God. I am going to help my country by providing food to orphans."

Papy Molea, 15 years old

"I chose to be in the sewing program because I don't know yet what I want for my life. If this profession pays off I will keep doing it to make money practicing this profession to switch to another one like business. Personally, my wish is not to help country because my country did not help me at all. What I want to do is help widows and seniors."

Adolphe Molea, 15 years old

"I will do my best to keep sewing and earn a living. I want to have money to sell rare sewing material and products from abroad if it's God's will."

Cornelinne Muyuwana, 16 years old

"The areas I'm interested in are sewing, knitting, and computer science. My biggest wish is to train other orphans. In the future, I would like to be an instructor."

Aline Bahati, 20 years old

"May God give me the strength to become proficient at sewing and to make some money from it so that I can do other things such as agriculture and farming so that orphans will have money."

Jully Molea, 20 years old

"I will do sewing all my life. I will do like Dorcas in the Bible who sewed clothes for widows and orphans, and I will do it for orphans in the Congo."

Kajura Shanhalume Guillaine, 17 years old

"I am learning to sew - I like it but, in the area where we live this profession doesn't pay if you do it for someone in their shop. I will need funds in order to get that started. I will never help my country but I will help vulnerable people."

Maseni Masende, 12 years old

"I'm in the Sewing Program and I love it so much. I do sewing because I have nobody to sponsor my education. I wish to teach sewing and other subjects."

Isaac Sainzoga Andre, 15 years old

"I would like to keep sewing but also Computer Science. This will help me put orphans through school. I would also like to open training centers to educate orphans. This is how I would like to help my country."

Afua Molea Detty, 17 years old

"I would like to own an international business selling clothes so that I can support my future children and orphans."

Dieu Merci Kibanga, 12 years old

"I don't like sewing but I do it because I don't have anyone who will sponsor my education even though I am still at the age where I can go to school. I used to have a sponsor but he gave up on me so I take up sewing instead. As soon as I get a new sponsor I will choose to go right back to school."

Benedicte Muhole, 16 years old

"I go to school and also am in the Sewing Program. This is the field I choose to stay in. I will see how to advance in life with this skill however my ideal job would be to become a teacher in a school somewhere and to make money to feed orphans."

Alphoncine Sainzoga, 17 years old

"I will always remain in the sewing field. I will open a very big tailor shop to make money and to give food to orphans."

Computer Training Program

The Computer Training Program will be launched this fall.