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About the Organization

Hope for Cancer Kids (HCK) was formed as a support group in 2007  by parents whose children had cancer diagnosis. The initial goal was to have a forum where these parents could interact and share challenges they were going through.

It is in this forum that parents looked at possible solution to the problems that faced them in order to help their children as well as continue having togetherness in the family.

With continued discussion, there was a realization that there was no information about childhood cancer in the country and the group took up the task of creating awareness about the same.

The group got support from various organizations and individuals who helped  set up a formal group under the name Hope for Cancer Kids.

In a year’s time HCK rolled out programs what were successful and from then, the organization has endeavored to run many more programs among them the insurance program that has proved beneficial to children with cancer and their families.

More information on the organization can be found here:

Our Involvement

In 2019, International Child Advancement helped HCK launch an Indoor Therapy Learning Program to support continued education in a fun environment as the children go through such an arduous journey. Thanks to generous donors, we sent funds for HCK to purchase educational books, toys and crafts.


We invite you to join our efforts of ensuring they have more than enough fun educational materials to expand the program. Contact us today for information on how you can help!